Our Dogs

The main attraction of our operation is our crew of fun loving and hard working Inuit Sled Dogs! This rare breed lives to pull. They have a fascinating history with their connection to the Inuit people as well as the explorers of the Arctic and Antarctica. They are the last remaining aboriginal dog of the Americas and the only domestic animal of the Arctic. The past 100 years have nearly devastated this breed who once numbered over 20,000. Today, about 500 remain and continue to face the struggles of a modern world. It’s been over 1,000 years that the power and stamina of the Inuit Dog was harnessed. Here at Base Camp we are committed to maintaining their legacy as a true working breed.

Our Dogs Kennel Life

Kennel Life

More than any other breed, the Inuit dog has a pack hierarchy much like wolves. We allow our dogs to live a pack life in large open pens free from chains. They have a ancient connection to humans as well. Coexisting along side the Inuit culture they shared dependence on one another in a way that no other animal has with people. Dog lovers enjoy their friendly and unique personalities. For those apprehensive, your feelings may change as your confidence builds and bonds are made. Come experience for yourself this unique opportunity to observe and engage with the beloved doggers of Base Camp Bigfork.

Our Dogs Mush Your Own

Mush Your Own!

Unlike most dogsledding outfits, Base Camp Dogsledding, provides a “hands on” approach allowing you, the participant, the opportunity to drive your own team of our friendly and hard working Inuit Sled Dogs. You can become as involved with the experience as you choose, which also includes harnessing and caring for your team. All of our trips are customized to your wants, needs, and abilities. Base Camp Bigfork takes pride in sharing the winter landscape of Northwest Montana with others. We are here to enhance your appreciation for winter and the environment in which we travel.

Our Dogs on Film and Video

Our Dogs on Film and Video

Our talented dogs have caught the attention of many film projects over the years and they have been able to have a decent side gig as models for a variety of publications. The fact that they spend their days as a working kennel of sled dogs makes it very easy for them to play one on television. Many of these features have been filmed on location, right here at Base Camp Bigfork. They have been featured on numerous television shows, catalog shoots for major clothing brands, a high-end nature documentary, a Warren Miller Ski Movie and recently the Montana Office of Tourism national winter tourism commercial that also features our family.

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